Tuesday, 29 March 2011


In chats with a friend of mine, Bex Edwards, the idea of some tattoo flash with the letters 'W.W.O.P.D.?' (What Would Optimus Prime Do?) beneath it sprung to mind. Needless to say it wasn't too long before this idea was put onto paper. After deciding that having it on paper wasn't enough and it needed to be immortalised on skin, Bex put her own spin on it and I'll be tattooing it on her calf this Friday.


Tattoos (so far..)

In chronological order, here are some of the pieces I have been putting out on people in the last few months.





The robot was my first entirely custom tattoo. All my own work right from the drawing board, a pretty special tattoo for me. Did my second today, really enjoyed that one too and will get some photos up asap.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Introductions and things.

A new blog to document my adventures into the wonderful world of tattooing.

It all started at the beginning of December 2010. Found myself an amazing opportunity in a top-class, city centre tattoo studio by the name of Art and Soul Tattoo (like the website? Guess who did it!). Since then the studio and all of its artists have improved and excelled massively, with no sign of stopping or slowing down. It is a wonderful place to be with amazing people and I am truly blessed to be a part of it.

This blog will document my advancement into the  industry, following me as I evolve as a tattoo artist.

Watch this space.